Slap City 0.9.9

13 February 2020

-Added Princess Remedy's story timeline
-Added speedometer to story mode UI
-Double jump wings UI now displayed in story mode stages
-Fixed issue where particle effects in story mode VS stages did not play
-Added new VS stage: Open-Air Gymnasium
-Slightly widened Fluffy Fields
-Reworked Sector 5 to be symmetrical, and made platform movements more easily predictable
-Tweaked camera to have consistent tilt, zoom and distances to blastzone between: Fancy Ruins, Fluffy Fields, Temple of Null, Pepperpain, Mecha Santa's Fortress, Space Planet Earth, Meadowvalley, Saturnian Palace, Hurtland, Summit, Sector5, Open-Air Gymnasium
-Stage select code has been rewritten to make future stage additions and features easier to implement

-Can now set music for online matches to pick random from random music list (configured in local VS stage select)
-Replays now save online player nicknames

Minor patch 0.9.9p1
-Fixed issue where locked character colors could be accessed by switching skin
-Fixed Remedy story suit reward not being available online
-Fixed Open-Air Gymnasium not being available online
-Fixed training character select displaying incorrect header text
-Fixed spawn placements on Sector 5

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