Slap City 0.8.9

17 September 2018

-Characters now have more of a toon shaded look
-Added 60 fps to frame limit options
-Shield startup for all characters now makes sure shield health is at least at a small positive value
-Stages that are turned off in random config are now greyed out on stage select
-Fixed issue where some attacks clanking did not result in any visual effect or hitlag
-Fixed issue where characters would go through stage collision occasionally when going very very fast
-Fixed issue where characters (mostly Fishbunjin) would go through thin twosided walls when rolling
-Fixed issue where certain edge-on collisions would get stuck
-Fixed issue where holding down on the control stick and clutch would still fastfall
-Fixed issue where pausing during Smack the Crystals after Training, pause menu would be training menu
-Fixed issue where clanking spawned two effects
-Fixed issue where multiple identical native resolutions prevented resolution changes from happening
-Mouse cursor is now always visible when windowed

-Lobby password search can now be input with the keyboard by either typing or pasting (Ctrl+V) on the password screen
-It is now possible for lobby admin to disallow random stage
-Lobby music mute state is now saved between sessions
-Online now sets random seed
-Fixed issue where if all players picked random the stage selected could occasionally be the stage just played on
-Fixed issue where stage remained active if other player disconnected from match
-Fixed issue where previous lobby search results were active in the background if new result was empty

-Added Space Planet Earth. That most final of frontiers is now readily available!
-Pepperpain now has a random alternate (and quite appetizing) look
-The lower wooden boards on The Castle are no longer fallthroughable
-Fixed ledge grab points on Frozen Court, Harbor Street and Healing Mode
-Tweaked the stage collision on Frozen Court so it's easier to grab the ledges

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Changed first and second hit of Dstrong hitstun from 0.6 to 0.7
-Changed Nspecial hitstun from 1.0 to 0.8
-Fixed issue where Fishbunjin would get stuck on slopes when falling onto them with down strong

Princess Remedy
-Changed Uthrow weight independent knockback from 128 to 120
-Changed Uthrow DI from 1.2 to 0 and VXDI from 0 to 8
-Changed Uthrow hitstun from 1.0 to 1.05

Business Casual Man
-Changed size of feet hitboxes on second hit of dtilt from 0.8 to 0.9
-Fixed an animation bug when crouching after Dtilting

Goddess of Explosions
-Fixed issue where Goddess could hit with dair and land on the same frame
-Fixed an animation bug when crouching after Dtilting


Ultra Fishbunjin 3000:
Fishbunjin's Nspecial now has a bit less hitstun, but it's still enough to perform even Bair of Fair on the opponent with good timing, and it's still possible to grab them at low damages unless they DI either up or away. Previously the opponent could only escape Nspecial > Grab by DI:ing diagonally down and away from Fishbunjin. The first two hits of his Dstrong now have slightly more hitstun again.

Princess Remedy:
Remedy's Uthrow was tweaked so she has to react to which way the opponent chooses to DI, instead of almost always getting a guaranteed followup into Ustrong by standing in place.

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