Slap City 0.9.4

19 April 2019

-Fastfalls now smoothly transition into fastfall speed
-The first three frames of a dash are now slightly faster
-Edgerolls now activates on shield press instead of shield hold
-Actions from the edge no longer buffer
-Actions from the ledge now have a 16 frame lockout
-Rolls no longer buffer on main control stick from shieldstun
-Pressing both color switch buttons on character select now cycles through available skins
-Fixed rare crash due to destruction of particle effect objects
-Fixed issue where digital controls could not fastfall while holding left/right
-Fixed issue where airdodging into the ground could cause another airdodge

-Added "The Ascend Zone" to stage selection. It's off to the side for now.

Ittle Dew
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed

Masked Ruby
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed
-Length of sword reduced 110%->100%
-When doing special cancels, Ruby will briefly be tinted pink
-Last hit of down aerial attack is now the only one for that attack that can be special canceled from, has hitstop increased 0.5->2
-Neutral special starts falling quicker if special canceled into from an aerial

Jenny Fox
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed
-Jab hitbox starts one frame earlier (4->3)
-Jab total animation length is 5 frames shorter (25->20)
-Jab shieldstun reduced 16->11 frames
-Jab hitbox fixed and bound properly to left arm (was floating freely off of the wrong arm), second hitbox added closer to body
-Finisher aerial opponent hit angle 290->310, hitstun 0.7->0.71, base knockback 2.6->2.7
-Finisher grounded opponent hit shield damage 0.1->1, shieldstun 20->15 frames
-Finisher grounded opponent hit base knockback decreased 100->65
-If Finisher hits an opponent (not shield or invincible) then landing recovery is shortened to 17 frames (regular recovery is 30 frames)
-Fixed issue where Finisher did not reset charge if a previous strong had been fully charged
-Neutral Special now throws axe on frame 22 always, throw angle can be "wound up" by holding up on the control stick
-Neutral Special axe now does 4 damage always, and no longer deteriorates knockback/hitstun, can travel to blastzones
-Flicking stick backwards (neutral - back - neutral) during neutral special now turns Jenny Fox around (once per neutral special)
-Hold special button during neutral special to do a small hop, but only once per air-time

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed
-Down throw now has a spiking hitbox

Princess Remedy
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed

Business Casual Man
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed
-Delayed start of superarmor on special down, from frame 5->8

Goddess of Explosions
-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed
-Special down explosion size increased 1.6->2.5
-Forward tilt damage increased 9->10
-Forward tilt knockback gain decreased 2.15->2
-Forward aerial attack damage increased 8->10
-Forward aerial attack knockback gain decreased 2.1->1.8
-Neutral special damage increased 9->10
-Neutral special knockback gain decreased 2.15->2
-Added body hitbox to forward strong
-Down aerial attack bounceback can now be directed forward by holding clutch, this will also redirect the hitbox angle

-Updated hurtboxes to be more detailed
-Halved shield damage on all moves (shield stun untouched) except aerial strong and down strong
-Shortened edgeroll to go about as far as Ittle Dew

Elias explains
-Hurtboxes were updated by Thaddeus Crews, what a guy
-Implemented some Masked Ruby suggestions
-Implemented some Jenny Fox suggestions
-Implemented one Fishbunjin suggestion because it's fun
-Noticed GoE spd explosion was really tiny. Also buffed her.
-Implemented some Asha suggestions

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