Slap City 0.9.11p1

12 June 2020

-Major CPU performance optimizations implemented for the whole game
-Shields now have "powershield" behaviour again (instead of parry), but to get powershield frames shield input must be unbuffered
-Shield graphics now always face the camera
-Grab pummels input with the grab button are now buffered

-Switched to new matchmaking backend

Ittle Dew
-Jabs 1 and 2 now can only cancel into tilts on hit
-Neutral special can no longer turn around with the control stick
-Up tilt range slightly reduced

Masked Ruby
-Floorbrake during crouch and down tilt increased 25->40

Jenny Fox
-Up strong no longer has a scooping hitbox
-Neutral special no longer does a little jump in the air
-Neutral special can no longer turn around with the control stick
-Forward special now poofs when hitting shields

Business Casual Man
-Jab can now only cancel into tilts on hit
-Up special now only has hitbox on body

Goddess of Explosions
-Forward strong knockback gain reduced 1.8->1.7 (this was an oversight, should have always been 1.7)
-Down special can no longer be clutch reversed

-Teleport recharge speed increased 0.2->0.25

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