Slap City 0.7.1

6 April 2018

-Controller settings can now be fully reset by pressing F1 on the startup load screen
-Added menu under Controllers for switching Keyboard direction keys between Arrows, WASD, ESDF and ZQSD
-Fixed issue where player arrows ingame would be offset incorrectly
-Hitstop received by shields no longer scales with total damage of character
-New ability for hitboxes to hit only targets in front/behind/above/below (such hitboxes have different color when visualized)

-Online lobby has been updated
-Up to twelve players can join the same lobby
-A player can connect two controllers to play online as two people (for lobbies with 4 player matches setup)
-"Quick Match" has been exchanged for "Quick Search". Quick Search settings can be saved on the search screen
-New lobby features:
--"Auto-Match": wait for other player in lobby to play match against
--"Seek Player": challenge other player in lobby to a match
--"Setup Match": challenge several other players to a match
--"Invite Friends": invite steam friends to the lobby
--"Lobby Admin": only visible to lobby owner, change name and settings of lobby

Ittle Dew
-Fixed bug where Ittle's teleport would go further if not controlled

Princess Remedy
-Changed Fstrong base knockback from 100 to 110
-Changed Fstrong knockback gain from 3.8 to 4.1
-Increased Dair animation recovery by 8 frames

Bear Mine
-Increased brightness of background

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