Slap City 0.8.7

13 August 2018

-Characters now use their entire body to parry shield, rather than most of their body being intangible during the parry shield frames
-Added some more images to use in player nametags

-Added a new Slapball stage, Bumperbowl
-Added a new song to Mecha Santa's Fortress
-Fancy Ruins now has an alternate visual style that is used at random (not used in online matches)
-Temple of Null now has an alternate visual style that is used at random (not used in online matches)

Ittle Dew
-Changed first few frames of Nair base knockback from 100 to 150
-Changed first few frames of Nair knockback gain from 2.5 to 2.0

Masked Ruby
-Fixed faulty shield/parry shield hurtboxes
-Gave Ruby a new victory pose for his default skin
-Changed Fair/Bair close hit so it no longer pushes Ruby back, but instead induces 0.6 hitstun instead of 0.9 and 0.7 hitlag instead of 1.0
-Made the Fair/Bair sweetspot easier to connect with
-Changed Dair base knockback from 0 to 5 (so Fishbunjin can no longer use his armor at 0 damage to ignore the knockback)
-Changed the rapid hits of Finisher hitlag and selflag from 1.0 to 0.3

Jenny Fox
-Changed Nspecial hitstun from 0.4 to 1.8
-Changed Nspecial hitstun deterioration from 0.013 to 0.05 per frame
-Gave Nspecial a set knockback of 30 (instead of base knockback 100 and knockback gain 2.0)

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Fixed faulty shield/parry shield hurtboxes
-Changed shield hurtbox size from 2.0 to 1.5

Princess Remedy
-Fixed faulty shield/parry shield hurtboxes
-Dair now behaves differently when hitting a grounded opponent by bouncing them straight up

Business Casual Man
-Fixed faulty shield/parry shield hurtboxes

Goddess of Explosions
-Added War Queen skin
-Fixed faulty shield/parry shield hurtboxes
-Fixed a mistake that made her Utilt use the Dtilt attack properties since version 0.8.5 (The mistake wasn't obvious until 0.8.6p1)
-Dtilt now has a hitbox on the skirt one frame before the flame hitbox comes out that hits people hanging on the ledge


Most characters had some mistakes in their blocking hurtboxes which made their feet or arms intangible, which is now fixed. We also made a slight change to how parry shields work - previously a character's body became intangible for the first few frames while they were blocking, and only by hitting the shield in the center of their body would a parry shield occur. Characters now use their entire body plus the shield itself to parry shield.

Ittle Dew:
The first few frames of Ittle's Neutral air now sends people a bit further at low damages but has the same overall knockback at high damages. This is so Ittle needs to intentionally delay her Nair more if she wants to easily combo someone with it, but she can still carry someone along with her if she already has that momentum into the opponent.

Masked Ruby:
The self-pushback when hitting someone up-close with Ruby's Fair/Bair felt like a cheap way to "fix" the move, so here's a different attempt - instead of a "close hit" knocking Ruby back, it simply has less hitstun than if he had hit with the tip of the sword. This does mean that he can end up inside the opponent who can retaliate if he messes up, so it's now slightly easier to land the sweetspot. After players have tried this for a while, we can decide which version of Ruby to keep. Ruby's default skin was also given a new victory pose that better suits him (his other victory pose is a reference to the crystals in Ittle Dew, and is still used by his alternate skin). Furthermore Ruby's Dair was very slightly tweaked so that Fishbunjin can no longer use his armor at 0 damage to walk right through it.

Jenny Fox:
It seems like people agree that Jenny's Neutral special axes are a bit too good and makes her too much of a zoner, so this is an experiment with reeling them in a bit to put the focus on the rest of her moveset. Her Nspecial axes now only cause a slight stagger instead of sending the opponent flying, like Ittle's bombs. Their hitstun also starts somewhat high and lowers the longer the axe has been out, but as usual it's not a good idea to use them at point-blank unless it was the delayed axe (which is used by holding the Special button and is still safe on hit). This means that Fishbunjin can walk through the axes with his armor, but it also means Jenny can use them to "reset" someone lying on the ground to force them to stand up.

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000:
The size of Fishbunjin's shield was quite ridiculous (it was more obvious with hitbox display turned on). It's smaller now.

Princess Remedy:
To make Dair a more interesting and useful move to use on-stage, it now knocks people straight up with fairly long hitstun if they're standing on the ground. An attentive Remedy can use this to combo into Bair or even Ustrong.

Goddess of Explosions:
There was a mistake that gave Goddess' Utilt the same properties as her Dtilt ever since she was released, which became obvious when her Dtilt properties were changed. It's fixed now. Her Dtilt now also has a brief hitbox along the ground so it hits people hanging on the ledge.

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