Slap City 0.9.4p1

24 May 2019

-Fastfalls now activate when moving stick down past configured tilt value, with x held within tilt or 0.5, whichever is largest
-Fastfalls now set a secret large speed downwards and smoothly tweens up speed from a smaller start speed to the real speed in a handful of frames (unless character is already falling fast enough). The real speed accelerates with gravity up to a maximum fastfall speed, as was previously the case.
-Fastfalls documented per character below in the format: Fastfall(start:#/secret:#/frames:#/max:#)
-Airdodge, KOs, grabbing edge and getting launched now all reset fastfall
-Shield now regains whenever the character is not in shield or parry on the ground, or when holding ledge (previously, shield only regained when in idle/walk/run)
-Previously, when you get launched above a certain horizontal speed the part of the x speed above twenty got doubled. This was an old hold-over from before the general knockback speedup existed, and has been deactivated.
-Bouncing against walls now only happens if moving horizontally, and adds ten frames of hitstun
-Bouncing against floor increases hitstun so that character remains in stun until top of bounce
-When falling off an edge backwards while in shield, characters now get stunned for 20 frames
-Remodeled Library into "How to Play" and "Extras"
-Library save now uses actual save system.
-Music is now only loaded when needed

Thaddeus Crews
-Lots and lots of hitbox changes implemented by Thaddeus, documented in extensive detail here
-Attack sfx are now aligned with the attacks coming out, including some sfx now being segmented (ittle uair, ruby dair, jenny bair)
-Hurtboxes in shield state are now up to date (didnt update them before because I didnt notice they were under a different category)
-Ledge hurtboxes implemented for each character, allowing dtilts to no longer need their "scoops", while also letting them always hit people on ledge
-Fixed an issue where characters would perform their landing lag animations in midair
-Managed to add a popular request where in a downed state, c-stick up would do a getup attack and c-stick down would do a neutral getup
-Made the shieldbreak process less awkward, giving characters landing sfx and fx, plus a daze end animation (mostly slowed shielddrop animations)
-A shieldbroken character now hits the ground much sooner but is dazed for longer as well, and the shieldbreak invulnerability period is increased from 40 frames to 60
-Gave ittle a sfx and hitbox on her taunt

Ittle Dew
-Up attack now covers less behind Ittle
-Down aerial attack has one less active frame (5->4)
-Down throw angle 270 -> 290
-Down throw initial toss angle 55 -> 30
-Down throw initial kb gain disabled 1->0 (locked knockback)
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Jab third hit kb gain 3.4->3.6

Masked Ruby
-Trails now begin and end with a move's hitboxes
-Trails now aligned with the tip of the sword model
-Grab timing changed (7-9)->(8-10)
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fstrong angle 45->40, kb gain 2.5->2.7
-Dstrong kb gain 2.4->2.6
-Ftilt kb gain 2.3->2.4
-Finisher last hit kb gain 2->2.4
-Uair base kb 80->100

Jenny Fox
-Neutral special now turns around by just holding the stick backwards
-Neutral special hop activates one frame later (5->6)
-Neutral special hop is reset on ledge grab
-Neutral special hop height increased 2->3
-Neutral special axe hitstun decreased 0.95->0.75
-Up special can be fallen by just holding down
-Finisher angle reduced 310->300
-Trails now begin and end with a move's hitboxes
-Fixed a bug where Jenny couldn't jumpcancel her downtilt until frame 19 (should've been frame 17)
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fair angle 35->30, base kb 100->110
-Fstrong base kb 100->110, kb gain 2.2->2.5
-Fthrow angle 35->30, base kb 135->145, kb gain 2.1->2.4
-Bthrow angle 145->150, kb gain 2.1->2.3
-Dstrong angle 45->40

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Removed super armor from neutral special
-Removed armor from idle movement
-Up special super armor now only on arm holding dumbbell
-Up special no longer has interacting hitbox*
-Forward and down attack have reduced interaction bonus 5 -> 0
-Forward special has reduced interaction bonus 5 -> 0
-Grab endlag reduced 32->30
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fstrong angle 45->40
-Fair angle 40->35, kb gain 2.1->2.3

Princess Remedy
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fthrow kb gain 2.2->2.4
-Jab base kb 60->80
-Dtilt kb gain 1.8->2

Business Casual Man
-Grab endlag reduced 32->30
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fair angle 45->40, kb gain 2.5->2.6
-Bair angle 130->135
-Nair lasthit kb gain 2.5->2.6
-Fstrong angle 45->42
-Dstrong lasthit kb gain 2.8->2.9
-Fthrow kb gain 2->2.2
-Bthrow kb gain 2.4->2.6
-Dthrow kb gain 1.8->2
-Ftilt angle 45->42

Goddess of Explosions
-Up throw intangibility frames tweaked (0-33 -> 5-32)
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.4->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fstrong angle 45->40, kb gain 1.6->1.8
-Fthrow angle 45->40, kb gain 2->2.2
-Bthrow angle 140->145, kb gain 2->2.2
-Dtilt kb gain 2->2.1

-Grab timing changed (7-9)->(8-10)
-Down aerial attack landing lag increased 4->6
-Getup attack shieldstun 0.5->0.25
-Horizontal launch fixes:
-Fstrong angle 45->42, kb gain 2.1->2.2
-Bthrow angle 140->143
-Fthrow angle 50->48
-Fair horizontal hit angle 45->43

Elias Explains
-ok enough of the ultra fastfall silliness it's impacting single player (ultra fastfall will return one day to avenge itself)
-implemented some suggestions from Discord Gang

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