Slap City 0.9.6

7 November 2019

-Masked Ruby's timeline is now available in story mode
-The stage "New Caves" added to versus stages
-Landing on a moving platform now adds its negative movement to character velocity (for consistency, since we add positive movement when leaving a platform; a few select platforms are exempt from this)
-Fixed issue where story mode dialogue window would sometimes stay up
-Fixed issue where P1 internal cpu level was not reset in story mode

-Invite join process now checks that the lobby has a matching game version

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Stage collision on elbows moved to shoulders
-Airdodge animation now retracts arms immediately
-Made flexing into flex by pressing special after a 5 frame window of tapping up less strict

0.9.6p1 changes:

Goddess of Explosions
-Fixed issue where Goddess received edge intangibility when getting pushed off edge while in shield

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