Slap City 0.9.3p1

25 March 2019

-Fixed fastfall start to happen first at apex of jump arc
-Fastfall input window now uses controller input assist number
-Fastfall no longer accelerates with gravity once initiated
-Fastfalling helpless states (from up specials and airdodges) now just adds 10 speed to current Y velocity, can still accelerate up to fastfall speed (25) if not passed
-Fixed issue where techs could be canceled into various ground attacks if control stick was held up or down during tech

Ittle Dew
-Down aerial attack hitbox ends sooner, frame 18->12 (Was actually a mistake)
-Down special hitbox no longer clanks

Masked Ruby
-Up strong multihits interact bonus reduced 5->0, interact style Rebound/Clang instead of Clang/Clang

Jenny Fox
-Increased gravity 40->45
-Holding control stick down after 30 frames of up special now inverts Y velocity if above zero, instead of setting Y velocity to zero transitioning to specialfall

Princess Remedy
-Increased gravity 35->42
-Up aerial attack now switches property to pull down 4 frames in instead of 1 frame
-Up strong no longer clanks
-Up strong now falls off in strength rapidly after first frame of the hitbox, multiplying damage by half each frame

Elias Explains
-There was chaos weekend. From its ashes, chaos late March rises.
-Implemented some suggestions from Discord Gang, with alterations where I felt like another idea was fun

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