Slap City 0.9.8

19 December 2019

-Landing on a moving non-special platform can now only change x speed towards zero
-Fixed issue where run speed bonus did not apply properly (this only affects a certain CPU strength)
-Removed projectile immunity from story mode enemies (Bees and Large Skullnips)
-Lowered Red Bee HP 30->25

-Selecting character in lobby now silently cycles color forwards and back to address different amounts of colors on characters

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Fixed issue where a flex would sometimes happen out of a flex or side special

Princess Remedy
-Up strong: Added an additional hitbox inside body

Minor patch 0.9.8p1
-Fishbunjin side special flex checks now can't be triggered by the same frame as a previous special
-Made some Fishbunjin Story mode stages easier (Downtown, Back Streets, Hit the Road, All Aboard)
-Can no longer get stuck underneath the bottom right platform in the second room in All Aboard
-Fixed a softlock in Fishbunjin's Story mode if you used a move with superarmor on a certain super-secret stage hazard

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