Slap City 0.8.5

6 July 2018

-Techs now work as intended (was included but not reported for 0.8.4p1)
-Lowered default internal resolution to 1280x720
-Lowered default quality setting by one
-Renamed Gallery to Library
-Pressing Start/Pause on any controller from the results screen now goes back to character select
-Set Unity target framerate to 120 to hopefully restrict framerate for people who had issues with very high framerates
-Characters hanging on a ledge can no longer be grabbed
-Characters can now fastfall out of their jump states (this not being possible before was an oversight)
-Characters now lose walljump power on consecutive walljumps without landing in between (0.85 raised to # of walljumps)
-Characters now get released properly when hit while grabbed
-CPU is now a bit more creative in choosing attacks
-Fixed issue where game hid mouse cursor even when unfocused
-Fixed issue where random music would select incorrectly
-When characters get hit hard the game now only spawns one directional effect

Ittle Dew:
-Increased range of Utilt
-Changed Dtilt active frames from 8-10 to 6-8
-Extended the hitbox of Dtilt below Ittle
-Extended the hitbox of Dstrong below Ittle
-Tweaked Fair animation
-Increased Fair recovery by 4 frames (changed total move length from 35 to 39 frames)
-Changed Fair landing lag from 8 to 10 frames
-Changed Fair shieldstun from 1.0 to 0.5
-Changed Bthrow damage from 6 to 7
-Changed Bthrow hitstun from 1.0 to 0.8

Masked Ruby:
-Increased Ruby's hurtbox upwards when he's hanging on a ledge
-Extended the hitbox of Dtilt below Ruby
-Changed Nair active frames from 5-16 to 7-16
-Changed Nair base knockback from 60 to 100
-Changed Nair knockback gain from 2.5 to 2.1
-Changed Nair hitstun from 1.0 to 0.8
-Changed Uthrow damage from 5 to 7
-Changed Bthrow damage from 6 to 8
-Changed Bthrow hitstun from 1.0 to 0.7

Jenny Fox
-Slightly increased Jenny's hurtbox upwards when she's hanging on a ledge
-Polished Jenny's animations
-Changed the sound of axes hitting an opponent from "punch" effects to "slice" effects
-Can now delay Fair indefinitely by holding Clutch on frame 15
-If Ustrong is charged for at least 15 frames, the axe projectile becomes indestructible and on fire
-Extended the hitbox of Dstrong below Jenny
-The Uspecial skateboard now bounces once instead of being destroyed on the ground
-Slightly reduced range of Dspecial
-Changed Dspecial active frames from 3-22 to 4-14
-Changed Dspecial invulnerability on frames 1-4 into superarmor frames
-Changed Dspecial shieldstun from 1.0 to 0.8
-Changed Dspecial hitstun from 1.0 to 0.8
-Changed Finisher hitlag from 0.3 to 0.8
-Changed Finisher selflag from 1.0 to 2.2

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Changed Fspecial damage from 14 to 12
-Changed Fspecial knockback gain from 2.5 to 2.1
-Changed Fspecial shieldstun from 1.0 to 0.7
-Changed Fspecial hitstun from 1.0 to 0.8

Princess Remedy
-Changed Utilt active frames from 10-13 to 7-9
-Extended the hitbox of Dtilt below Remedy
-Slightly increased travel distance of Dstrong projectiles
-Changed Uair knockback angle from 90 to 70
-Changed Uair hitstun from 1.0 to 0.9
-Changed Dthrow hitstun from 1.2 to 0.8
-Increased hitbox size of ledgeattack

Business Casual Man
-BCMan now loses $50 when he's hit during his taunt, instead of when his Taunt animation is interrupted for any reason, which fixes a minor issue with the results screen
-Now has a screen shake effect on Sell hits
-Cancelling Uspecial or Dspecial into Nspecial to gain brief invincibility now correctly tints BCMan white during the entire invincibility period
-Changed Uthrow set knockback from 400 to base knockback 180 and knockback gain 1.5
-Changed Uthrow hitstun from 0.85 to fixed at 40 frames
-$1000 Finisher cards now never move slower than speed 5

Goddess of Explosions
-Appeared in Slap City when someone summoned the wrong god


Ittle Dew:
Ittle's Fair comboed too easily into itself, so it now has slightly more recovery and landing lag. It now also has less shieldstun, since such an aerial being safe on block was a little strange. Ittle's Utilt now has more reach, and her Dtilt comes out faster (although the total length of the move is the same) since it felt too slow for its short reach and specialised use. Bthrow got a very slight damage buff to match the other characters, but due to how damage affects knockback and hitstun this necessitated reducing Bthrow's hitstun to avoid turning it into a chaingrab. Ittle's Dtilt and Dstrong now reach farther below her to hit characters hanging on the ledge.

Masked ruby:
Ruby's Nair felt like another one of those moves that take away from the rest of his moveset, since it's so good and comes out fast. His Fair and Bair already come out on frame 5 and have only 6 frames of landing lag, while covering more specific areas. Therefore Nair is now 2 frames slower, but still combos into grab most of the time, and has tweaked knockback so it doesn't combo into itself as easily. To encourage the use of his throws besides Dthrow, the damage of Bthrow and Uthrow was slightly buffed, while Dthrow itself will be looked at later. Due to how damage affects knockback and hitstun, this necessitated reducing Bthrow's hitstun to avoid turning it into a chaingrab. Ruby's Dtilt now reaches farther below him to hit characters hanging on the ledge.

Jenny Fox:
Jenny's Fair can now be delayed by holding the Clutch button, which gives her a little more options - it still has only 4 frames of landing lag if she lands before the hitbox comes out. Her Ustrong now throws an indestructible axe when charged for a little while (signified by a fire effect). Her Finisher didn't feel as satisfying without the hitstop, so now it has more hitstop again, plus more selfstop so it still knocks the opponent away before Jenny continues downwards. Jenny's Dspecial now has less active frames, slightly less range and hitstun, and gives her brief superarmor instead of invulnerability. Her Dstrong now reaches slightly farther below her to hit characters hanging on the ledge, and just for kicks her Uspecial skateboard bounces on the ground before breaking.

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000:
For this patch, Fishbunjin just gets a less powerful Fspecial follow-up attack (the "bull rush") which had some pretty wild knockback scaling and was safe on block. His full name is also displayed in the character selection box now.

Princess Remedy:
Remedy's Utilt wasn't fast enough to be useful, so it was made faster. The 0.8.1 change to her Dthrow accidentally turned it into a chainthrow, so that's fixed now. Her ledgeattack also got a better hitbox. Her Uair was given a lower knockback angle since it comboed into itself fairly easily until the opponent was KO'd off the top when used together with Uspecial. Dstrong now goes slightly farther and Dtilt reaches further below Remedy to hit characters hanging on the ledge.

Business Casual Man:
BCMan's Uthrow had fixed knockback, letting him do a guaranteed Uthrow into Fair, and techchase players with Uthrow into Dair which always had the same timing. I don't think this was too much of a problem in itself, but it meant he could use his cheapest Sell move from a simple grab (and he has a pretty long grab range) which diminished the need for the Sell Fthrow and his other Sell Strong attacks. Since they're already really powerful, I don't think buffing them instead would be the solution. Therefore Uthrow now has knockback that scales with opponent damage like regular moves, so BCMan needs to be more observant and will not get guaranteed Dairs and Fairs at high damages anymore if the opponent double jumps as soon a they can - the throw now has a fixed hitstun time of 40 frames. A good BCMan can still double jump into Fair at somewhat high damages if their opponent DI's too hard and ends up lower in the air as a result.

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