Slap City 0.8.8

27 August 2018

-Reduced everyone's edgeclimb invulnerability by 4 frames
-Reduced everyone's edgeroll invulnerability by 6 frames
-Fixed some outdated character information in the Library
-Note: In previous patch notes we used the internal frame notation (starting from frame 0, the end frame is exclusive), but from now on we'll use a more logical notation (starting from frame 1, both the start and end frames are inclusive)

-Added a new stage, Fluffy Fields
-Fixed faulty collision on Jungle Zone that allowed characters to clip through the right platform from below

Ittle Dew
-Changed Finisher (against grounded opponents) selflag from 2.0 to 1.0
-Changed Finisher (against grounded opponents) hitstun from 0.8 to 1.0

Masked Ruby
-Changed Fair/Bair close hit hitlag from 0.7 to 1.0
-Uair now sends opponents forward when hitting them with the tip of the sword, and upwards when hitting them up-close to make it more consistent with Fair/Bair (Previously Uair only sent opponents upwards on the first frame of the attack)
-Changed Uthrow base knockback from 150 to 100
-Changed Uthrow knockback gain from 2.0 to 2.5
-Dspecial now has a downwards knockback angle on the tip of the sword during both active frames of the attack, rather than just the last frame
-Changed edgeclimbup duration from 24 to 25 frames (was actually a mistake)

Jenny Fox
-Changed Dtilt active frames from 5-20 to 6-18
-Changed Uair shieldstun from 1.0 to 0.5
-Changed Dair shieldstun from 1.0 to 0.8
-Fixed the uncharged Ustrong axe not being destroyed when attacked
-Shifted Dspecial superarmor forward by 3 frames so it only comes out when the hitbox does
-Tweaked the animation of rollforward and rollback so Jenny has a more continuous speed, rather than most of the horizontal movement being carried out near the end of the roll

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-The hurtboxes on Fishbunjin's arms and legs are now forced to 0 depth, so some attacks that previously appeared to hit him will now actually connect
-Reduced the distance of rolls and techrolls
-Changed first and second hit of Dstrong hitstun from 1.0 to 0.6
-Dstrong now only has superarmor as long as Fishbunjin is grounded

Princess Remedy
-Reduced Dtilt startup by 2 frames
-Reduced Fstrong recovery by 5 frames
-Changed Fstrong knockback gain from 4.15 to 4.5
-Changed Fstrong shieldstun from 0.7 to 0.3
-Changed Ustrong knockback angle from 60 to 90
-Changed Ustrong base knockback from 150 to 145
-Changed Ustrong knockback gain from 2.5 to 2.05
-Fair now has a blue special effect instead of red to make it more consistent with the other aerials
-Uair now sends opponents downwards if Clutch is held when the move is performed, indicated by a red special effect, and upwards if Clutch is not held
-Changed Dair back to its previous properties before patch 0.8.7
-Changed Dair hitstun against grounded opponents from 0.7 to 0.8
-Changed Uthrow set knockback from weight-dependent 350 to weight-independent 128
-Fixed many particle effects that came out one frame too late (caused by changes in the particle code in 0.8.5)
-Fixed positioning of the Ftilt particle effect
-Shortened the Ustrong particle effect so it better matches the timing of the hitbox

Business Casual Man
-Changed Uthrow base knockback from 180 to 140
-Changed Uthrow knockback gain from 1.5 to 2.2
-Nspecial now has a higher knockback angle and considerably longer hitstun when cancelled from Dspecial or Uspecial, indicated by a fire effect
-Increased Ustrong recovery by 3 frames


Ittle Dew:
Ittle's Finisher was designed to be more effective on airborne opponents, but the selflag when hitting grounded opponents was unnecessarily high, so it was reduced.

Masked Ruby:
With Ruby's new Fair/Bair, it seemed strange that Uair still had different knockback angles depending on the exact frame the opponent was hit, rather than using a sweetspot on the tip of the sword. Therefore Uair now sends opponents forwards when hit by the tip of the sword, otherwise they are sent upwards. The severely lowered hitlag on a close hit Fair/Bair was increased, which means that Ruby is no longer at such a dramatic disadvantage when connecting with a close hit Fair/Bair. The knockback on his Uthrow was also reduced at lower damages since it didn't really lead into anything, and his aerial Dspecial now sends opponents diagonally down when struck by the tip of the sword for both frames of the attack (rather than just the last frame).

Jenny Fox:
Due to an oversight, Jenny's Ustrong axe was not destroyed by attacks. This is fixed now. Her Dspecial also has its superarmor delayed by 3 frames to match the start of the hitbox, so she can't use it to escape from combos quite as easily as before. Her Dtilt hitbox now comes out 1 frame later and lasts for 2 frames less as a careful nerf. Her Uair now deals less shieldstun since it was far too safe on block, and Dair deals a little less shieldstun as well.

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000:
Fishbunjin's roll went much farther than anyone else's, so its distance was reduced. The first and second hits of his Dstrong now have reduced hitstun so it won't KO people offstage at 0 damage anymore, and will now only have superarmor while Fishbunjin is grounded. The hurtboxes on Fishbunjin's arms and legs are now forced to 0 depth - this means that some attacks that previously appeared to hit him, but actually passed in between his arms and legs on the depth axis, will now connect. This makes him a slightly bigger target, but a more visually consistent one. Note that his hurtboxes look a bit strange when "show hitboxes" is turned on.

Princess Remedy:
After experimenting with letting Remedy hold Clutch to choose between her current and previous versions of Dair against grounded opponents, the new version that sends opponents straight up proved too safe and difficult to balance, so she simply got her old Dair back, which now has slightly more hitstun on grounded opponents than before. We apologize for changing this move without fully realizing the implications in version 0.8.7! Remedy's Uair now always sends opponents downwards when Clutch is held, indicated by a red special effect, and upwards when Clutch is not held. Her Dtilt was made slightly faster since it felt unnecessarily difficult to use, and Fstrong got slightly reduced recovery and better knockback. Ustrong had its knockback nerfed and now sends opponents straight up, which makes it more intuitive to DI (previously holding towards Remedy would get you KO'd a lot faster). Finally, Uthrow was tweaked so it now combos into Ustrong on Jenny and Remedy (in addition to the rest of the cast).

Business Casual Man:
Some were disappointed that BCMan lost his Uthrow>Dair tech chases a few patches back, so we toned down Uthrow's knockback at lower damages, as a compromise between the new and old style. It's still difficult to land the Uthrow to Fair at high damages on most characters, however. When you cancel Uspecial or Dspecial into Nspecial for $200, which wasn't very useful before, the resulting Nspecial now deals significantly more hitstun accompanied by a fire effect. Ustrong now has slightly more recovery to make it less safe to throw out at any time.

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