Slap City 1.0.0

17 September 2020

-Added Frallan
-Added Asha's Story mode campaign
-Fixed issue sometimes preventing jumping attack out of shield
-Fixed issue where characters could get stuck on stage geometry while respawning
-Certain moves that send opponents flying very fast no longer cause the camera to take a long time to get back to the stage
-Holding a direction while respawning will turn your character in that direction, except while holding Clutch
-Characters close enough to the ground on respawn will be in a grounded state immediately
-Hit effects more consistently match the sound effect with the visual effect, and fixed a few missing screenshakes and sounds
-Story mode ending pictures are now unlocked in the Gallery for each character upon completing their Story
-Updated the How to Play: Basics and How to Play: Advanced pages
-Added pictures to the remaining How to Play: Characters pages
-Added another page of silly name entry glyphs
-New news menu, for news, if they happen to happen

-If disconnected from matchmaking server while playing online, the game now returns to the main menu
-Slight reorganization of lobby menu buttons
-Limited spectator emote spawns
-Altered ranked mode stage list - exchanged Space Planet Earth and Mecha Santa's Fortress for Space Nerd Sanctuary and Open-Air Gymnasium
-Removed rematch limit from ranked
-Added Quest Forge ∞ as a minigame in Ranked mode
-Added episodes 9 and 10 of the Jums and Bemp Show minigame in Ranked mode

-Added Nothing Dimension battle stage
-Added Skyline battle stage
-Added Slap Arena battle stage
-Space Nörd Sanctuary now has lowered and shortened platforms, and the blast zones have been increased to the left, right and bottom
-Fluffy Fields is now slightly wider, the left and right blast zones have been decreased, and the bottom blast zone has been increased
-Sector 5: Tower now has a flat design and the top platform is moved slightly down
-Open-Air Gymnasium now has a redesigned base platform with improved collision

Masked Ruby
-Changed Ledge attack invincibility frames from 1-15 to to 1-17
-Down special and Air strong no longer stay incorrectly snapped to the ground
-The following six changes should make it harder for opponents to fall out of Ruby's Up strong before the final hit:
--Up strong second lowest hitbox now has the attack properties of the upper hitboxes instead of the lowest one
--Changed Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox base knockback from 100 to 130
--Changed Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox angle from 270 to 225
--Changed Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox hitstop from 1.0 to 0.5
--Up strong weak hit lowest hitbox is now reversible
--Increased size of all Up strong final hit hitboxes by 0.05

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Fixed Pummel so the hitbox doesn't linger until the end of the animation
-Story mode final boss: ?????

Princess Remedy
-Changed Forward special projectile throw from frame 30 to 28
-Fixed startup animation of Back air

Business Casual Man
-Flipped the animation of Up special so it better matches his Specialfall

Goddess of Explosions
-Fixed Pummel so the hitbox doesn't linger until the end of the animation
-Air strong no longer stays incorrectly snapped to the ground

-Fixed being able to charge the teleporter indefinitely by using Getupattack or Ledgeattack

-Freshly baked and bready to roll

Changes for 1.0.0p1

-Fixes a few UI errors
-Tweaked Business Casual Man's How to Play text a little
-Crashland (landing on the ground from Tumble without teching): time before you can take action changed from 10 to 19 frames
-Standing up from Downed state: length changed from 24 to 28 frames
-Standing up from Downed state: invulnerability changed from 14 to 21 frames
-Getup rolls from Downed state: length changed from 35 to 30 frames
-Teching in place: invulnerability changed from 14 to 18 frames
-Techrolls: distance covered has been slightly increased

Ultra Fishbunjin 3000
-Fixed a bug where Down throw removed two lives from the opponent instead of one

Changes for 1.0.0p2

-Shield offledge property now goes immediately to tumble, regardless of direction
-Delayed actionable point from “fallthrough” by 1 frame; this prevents shielddrops from sticking to the platform if simultaneously inputting an aerial
-Shielddrops now have a minor visual tell to distinguish them from normal fall-throughs
-Tweaked the animation of all characters' stand up, get up forward, get up back, tech, techroll forward, techroll back, roll forward, roll back, getup attack, edge attack, edge climbup, edgeroll and spotdodge.

-Some bugfixes for Quest Forge ∞

Jenny Fox
-Ledgeattack now turns off the axe trail effect correctly

-Aerial dtilt can no longer be controlled horizontally
-Dtilt no longer leaves ledges until the hitbox is out
-Turn given same braking properties as the rest of the cast
-Fixed an exploit where Frallan could cancel her knockback out of hitstun with down special if she connected a tilt beforehand
-Gave edgebonus-state ledgegrab intangibility on the initial frame, instead of only subsequent frames, so it's now in line with the rest of the cast
-Changed Forward roll and Back roll animation length from 34 to 35 frames to be consistent with the other characters

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