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Slap City is a streamlined platform fighter with characters and locations from the Ludosity universe! Slap your way through multiplayer modes like Battle and Slap Ball either locally or online, or take on a rich Story mode with a variety of platforming levels and different plot lines for each of the first 8 characters!

Play with up to four players locally or online with a variety of game modes, options, and computer controlled opponents or play for points in online 1 on 1 ranked battles.
Save replays of your greatest moments!

Want a break from fighting? Try Slap Ball! (Note: there will be no breaks from fighting.)
In this team-based game mode, players slap the ball into the opponent's basket to score. The more the ball gets juggled in the air without touching the ground, the more points it'll be worth, allowing for some serious plays and comebacks. Don't forget to rest near your goal to recover some damage, or each hit from your opponent will soon send you several laps around the court!

Slap City is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Play with any controller or keyboard supported by Windows. You can even play with a Nintendo GameCube controller!

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