Where can I find the soundtrack?

For now, the soundtrack can be found on .Haku's Soundcloud and it will be updated with new songs as we continue to add stages.

What are the lyrics?

The lyrics for Slap City Theme ft. Lemonic Diva are:

Roll up your shirt and jeanshorts
and partake in the greatest death sport
Slap a bestie on their face so pretty
welcome to Slap City

Put on your finest speedos
knock some sense into all these weirdos
Crush a Ruby without remorse or pity
welcome to Slap City

The lyrics for Drop The Accordion ft. Lemonic Diva are:

Death and pinball united
Only pain will earn you the weekly highscore
Everyone is invited
to a place of magic and broken bones

Bounce around, meet true love in Bumpertown
Death or glory
Come with me on a date to Bumpertown
Face my rage

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